Thursday, December 29, 2011


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With the development of economy, we have more and more opportunity to travel. By means of modern transports, travel also has becoming more and more convenient. We can easily travel to any corner of the world. In the last financial year, more than 5 million people had visited Australia from overseas and then spent about $17 billion dollars.

People travel for different purposes, but most of them travel for a holiday. After a period of hard work, we need a trip to help us to unwind. When cars run out of energy, we have to refuel them by petrol. People refuel themselves physically and psychologically by travel. Sunshine on beaches and fresh air in forests can cultivate temperament, enlighten intelligence and spark inspiration. So spending some time to travel will not slow down your work, instead it can help you to work more efficiently later.

Travel is also a good chance to learn knowledge. As the Chinese say, “Travelling 10,000 miles is much better than reading 10,000 books”. When you travel different places, you often involuntarily learn their customs, practices, history and cultures. You can easily have a deeper impression than leaning from classroom.

When you travel, the beauty of the natural surrounding is import but it’s not the most important. The most important part in your trip often is the people themselves even though sometimes you don’t notice. After you travel many places, you may not remember their landscape any more but you will never forget the people you travelled with or met. We all say “have a good trip”. In our minds we all expect to have a romantic trip.

There are so many advantages for travel that we cannot wait. Let’s hit the road.

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