Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Excuses in software development

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Excuses in software development:
1. Window's problem
2. Linux's problem
3. Database problem - Stupid Oracle! Stupid SQL Server! Stupid MySQL!
4. API's problem
5. Platform's problem
6. Old guy's problem
7. New guy's problem
(Meaning: it's not his/her problem)
8. It worked before
9. Weird, I tested this
10. My unit tests were OK!
11. Someone probably changed the code.
12. I've never seen this error before
13. Without document
14. The document is too complex (he/she even hasn't read)
15. I have thousands of solutions for this issue (Don't ask any one, he/she know none of them)
16. This is just the first release
17. Must be something you did wrong
18. Unfortunately I had no chance to do/play/check/test it.
18. That's very strange.
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